When we originally made this site, the Upper Peninsula of Michigan had only a tiny handful of dispensaries, and they were quite a long drive for the majority of patients. This has changed, expanding access for more people.

However the Medical Marijuana Patient / Caregiver Registry is still in place for patients who want to participate. We are caregivers in the Menominee, Michigan area who also network in many other locations.

Going to the dispensary can be expensive!  The majority of dispensaries in the UP charge between $15 – 25 per gram for medicine, which many patients cannot easily afford. No insurance covers any of this.

By now, everyone has heard of the massive recalls from dispensaries in MI due to problems of all types.  With the rise of large commercial grows, comes the use of massive amounts of chemicals, pesticides, fungicides, and more.

Because of these and other concerns, many patients still want to continue to have a caregiver even though there are more dispensaries available. Others want the option to do both.

Many people we speak with say that they don’t want their neighbors, co-workers, or families to know that they are medical marijuana patients. Due to the unfair stigma attached to this medicine, people are often reluctant to discuss it, even when they have a very real medical need.

There are different yet equal privacy and safety concerns involved in meeting new patients for the first time when you are a caregiver.

For this reason, it is particularly difficult for qualified caregivers and patients to find each other, due to the privacy concerns of all parties involved.

The UP is also very large and spread out, with long stretches of distance between cities and towns.  When you don’t feel good, or the weather is bad, or if you don’t drive, it can be impossible to get to a dispensary, which can be anywhere from a 1-6 hour round trip from where you live.

In a perfect world, we would all have the physical ability, time, expertise, money, space, and  thousands of dollars necessary to grow our own 12 plants as patients.  And even when you can put all of those things together, sometimes you end up with bugs, fungus, mold, or other problems that wipe your crop out.  Many patients just can’t or don’t want to deal with growing their own medicine, and all that it entails.

For all of these reasons and more, in the UP especially, the caregiver system is, and always will be the best and least expensive option for patients to obtain their medical marijuana under the 2008 Michigan Medical Marihuana Act.

Having said all of that… we hear from a lot of patients who say they find it difficult or even impossible to find a good caregiver with a quality products and fair prices who services their area.

That’s where our Yooper Patient / Caregiver matching services come in.

We meet a lot of patients in our line of work, and get inquiries from all over Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. We also meet a lot of caregivers.   We can’t always help a patient find a registered caregiver in their area with an opening for a new patient, but we sure try to!

Whether you are a patient who needs a medical marijuana caregiver in the UP, or you are a caregiver in the upper peninsula looking for new medical marijuana patients near you, contact us today for more information!

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